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The efficient initiation, prosecution and conclusion of a project or the effectiveness of a critical decision are often dependent on timely access to the appropriate information. Knowing where to look, and having access to the right databases can be key to locating information in a time effective manner. As the extent of chemical information is vast performing information searches is often a time consuming activity. I have access to numerous specialist chemical and regulatory databases.  In addition I have access to the Science and Technology Network including access to the Chemical Abstracts Service online.

We can therefor offer a chemical and regulatory information search and analysis service including:

The results of a search will either be specific information or a reference to a  document where the requested information has been, or may have been published.

To make a request for an information search please submit a written request, providing as much information as possible about the information sought, it would help If you can suggest search phrases. Please Indicate agreement with these terms and conditions and to pay all fees due in connection with the services to enquiry@davidtrew.co.uk  

When making a request to search for information please understand that there can be no guarantee that the information or references to information sought will be available on the databases searched. The service is to perform the search. All searches will be invoiced for irrespective of whether the information sought is found. Information searching is carried out subject to these terms and conditions