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The business objective of today’s modern analytical testing laboratories is to produce high quality scientific data that can be used by the client to support often critical decisions concerning an organisation’s operations. When these decisions can affect the health of individuals, have implications for the environment, or support both national and international trade, the reliability and trustworthiness of that data is of paramount importance.

It is one of the requirements of current Good Laboratory Practice that all persons working in a laboratory have training in cGLP appropriate to their roles within the organisation. This would also include individuals providing maintenance and calibration services on laboratory instruments and equipment. It is a common practice for new employees to be given training in the fundamentals cGLP within a few days of starting their new job.

This book is intended to provide an introduction to current Good Laboratory Practice (cGLP) which is appropriate for someone starting a new position in an analytical laboratory. In addition, it is also intended  help those who provide services to or sell products to analytical laboratories that operate to cGLP and understanding the basics will help improve sails or help in providing supporting services.

An Easy to Understand Guide Current Good Laboratory Practice is published by Learn About GMP and is available online at:

An Easy to Understand Guide to Current Good Laboratory Practice (cGLP)